Meet our colleague: Kirby Van den Bosch, Customs Expert at Customs Square

At the end of May 2020, Kirby Van den Bosch started as a Customs Expert at Customs Square. After barely a week, she was already working full-time at a large transhipment company in the port of Antwerp. That collaboration is still running like a train, with Kirby’s work agenda more than well filled. We walked along her tracks for a day…

A varied range of tasks

When Kirby got off to a good start at Customs Square, there was a very varied range of tasks waiting for her. She looks back on the past months: “Advising companies, supporting and assisting them operationally in customs issues and disputes, presenting individual and group training courses, integrating customs knowledge within our team into user-friendly software applications,… there was no shortage of exciting challenges!

And my work experience of the past ten years came in very handy. I worked as a business service engineer, project manager, senior customs consultant and functional customs specialist at various software providers. Among other things, I was responsible for the implementation of customs regulations in software systems. I advised companies about new modules or unclear customs procedures, from excise duty to warehouse.”

Working days full of challenges

A working day for Kirby is very varied: “The preparation, implementation and roll-out of a new customs system generates a busy working schedule, but also a very varied range of tasks. In the transhipment company where I work, I have become a central point of contact for both customs declarants and management.

My working days are filled with helping colleagues on various topics, improving procedures and giving guidelines on how the customs administration can be carried out better. Add to that the analysis of comments from the customs authorities and the tackling of software problems.”

Peace of mind and comfort for clients

“In my previous jobs, I saw the basic knowledge of customs regulations systematically decrease in companies due to the increasing automation of customs processes. In the event of error messages in the layout of model documents, companies sometimes do not have sufficient expertise to adjust this correctly. Users therefore sometimes panic when they receive error messages from the customs administration. As a customs expert at Customs Square, I can reassure our clients and offer them the assurance that their customs files will be professionally followed up.”

Customization as a quality label

“I consider the wide variety of tasks in my job to be a big plus. Currently I am lucky enough to be able to work on many different internal projects. This not only gives me the opportunity to help the client within a wide spectrum of themes, but also to thoroughly update my own customs knowledge. And I can then take that knowledge with me to advice for other clients.

Because in addition to my regular working days, together with the colleagues of Customs Square, I often work after office hours to help our clients out of need. Often the many strict deadlines cause the necessary stress, but through teamwork – and open communication with our clients – we always go all out for high-quality service tailored to each company.”

Grateful clients

“In any case, I get a lot of satisfaction from my current job, which I do with passion. Clients are often very grateful to us, because we guide them through complex customs files. As a result, they are not confronted with large claims for damages and expensive fines. And because at Customs Square every team member has a lot of operational experience, we can empathize very well with specific client files. Finding solutions together and going for the same goal, that’s what we’re going for!”

Profile of Kirby Van den Bosch

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