Meet our colleague: Bert Van Bosch, Customs Expert at Customs Square

Mid-May 2021, Bert Van Bosch started as a customs expert at Customs Square. And he immediately got off to a flying start by helping transport company H. Essers managing their customs formalities and processes. What challenges does he like to take on and roll up his sleeves for at Customs Square?

More than ten years of experience in customs

Bert started his professional career at Geodis Freight Forwarding Belgium. He started in the import, sea freight department. “I quickly noticed that customs was often the bottleneck to handle shipments quickly and smoothly. In order to reduce the administrative burden for my colleagues and myself, I started issuing my own NCTS declarations. One thing led to another and soon after I started at the customs department, under the leadership of Linda Fierens.”

“As a junior customs consultant, I had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of customs topics: goods classifications, declarations, customs value, origin, compliance with national and international customs legislation,… Those first experiences were a very interesting learning experience.”

He adds: “Under Linda’s wings, I was given the opportunity to enrich my customs skills in complex files: first as a customs consultant, later on as a customs manager operations sea & air. Supplemented with the knowledge I had acquired during my postgraduate Cross Functional Customs Management, I became responsible for handling claims, optimizing automation and digitization processes, following up on client inquiries and managing the junior co-workers. A fascinating experience!”

Setting the bar high

Bert is very grateful to Linda for the professional course he was able to take at Geodis: “She always set the bar high. Of course, operational know-how and customs knowledge is important, but successfully completing the more technical files together – such as applying for autonomous suspensions or binding tariff information – results in much more valuable knowledge. It is also very satisfying to improve the supply chain at companies, reduce import duties or detect other customs opportunities.”

“In 2019, after almost ten years at Geodis, I took on a new challenge at Stream Software. As a Senior Project Manager, where I hoped to link my customs knowledge to technical (software) skills in practice. This seemed like a perfect match and a logical next step. This job was certainly a challenge, and motivated me to immerse myself more into the technical issues. Leading me to the situation where I am currently enrolled in my second year of a associate degree in programming.”

Ready for exciting customs projects

Bert took the best of those two worlds with him when he started as a customs expert at Customs Square. “Both the knowledge and skills to thoroughly analyze complex customs files, and the built-up technical background give me a lot of confidence to expertly assist companies in a customs and logistics environment that is becoming increasingly complex. I am willing to constantly update and broaden my knowledge, for example about Dutch customs legislation. Being able to quickly pick up new information and quickly work my way into customer files has always been a valuable trait of mine.”

“In recent months, I have been assisting the customs department of H. Essers in Bergen-op-Zoom in handling customs clearances. I am convinced that exciting customer projects will also be on the agenda in the coming months, involving a wide range of challenges. BTI’s, guiding AEO projects, setting up and help manage bonded warehouses,… Last but not least, I hope to help clients map out digitization projects, both on a functional and technical level.”

Profile of Bert Van Bosch


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