11th package of sanctions against Russia

Starting September 30, 2023, the 11th package of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine entered into force, including, amongst many other measures, import restrictions for iron and steel products imported into the EU from third countries. As of that date, it is forbidden to import, directly or indirectly, iron and steel products into the customs territory of the EU, in case these products were further treated or processed in a third country, with iron and steel inputs originating in Russia.

An important tool for proving the originating status of these iron/steel inputs is the so-called Mill Test Certificate (MTC).

A certificate of non-preferential origin is, until further notice, not (yet) accepted as proof.

Furthermore, a correct codification in the import declarations is required to indicate compliance with these rules.

Read more : Council Regulation (EU) n° 833/2014

CL2014R0833EN0180010.0001.3bi_cp 1..2 (europa.eu)

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