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Regulations are complex and often subject to changes. This makes it a permanent challenge for you as an entrepreneur to be compliant, but also to minimize your costs with regard to customs and excise duties.

Anyone who trades across borders must deal with solving customs, excise issues and problems on a daily basis. At Customs Square we see this as our core task. We help you comply with the changing legislation and optimize your supply chain. We do this with tailor-made relevant customs and excise advice.

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Customs square offers a comprehensive range for your complete customs- and excise formalities thus also/at the same time optimizing your supply chain.

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In short, Customs Square is your one-stop shop for the analysis, optimization and practical handling of all aspects of customs and excise duties that your company has to deal with.

Customs Square: for carefree customs and excise files

Customs Square specializes in customs matters. Thanks to our expertise, you are not only fully in control, you also immediately save time and money. You will receive valuable advice from us to keep your costs under control and to avoid delays at customs.

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