Restitution/reimbursement files – Voluntary disclosure

Want to make savings? Let Customs Square handle your refund files!

Customs Square examines your customs and excise processes with a view to making potential savings. We look into your options for submitting restitution files and obtaining a refund.

Get quick and easy repayment from your refund file

Customs Square examines whether you’re eligible for a refund from a legal view. We take care of your full refund file, including an assessment of the supporting documents required. A refund file that has been compiled and submitted correctly will encourage a quick response and repayment, even with complex applications.





Have you discovered an error in your customs process? Customs Square puts it right immediately!

Have there been incorrect details in your import or export declarations for the last few months or even years? Don’t risk getting a fine, put it right.

Contact our customs and excise specialists today to take care of your refund files and get quick repayment.

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