Goods Nomenclature

The importance of classifying goods correctly

Having the right classification gives you a solid basis for your international trading operations to run smoothly. Assigning the right goods code is essential if you want to benefit from the correct import duty and avoid sanctions. The consequences of incorrect classification are often significant.

The classification process is complex. Goods codes are changing frequently. Among other things, the CN code is used to determine what documentation or information requirements have to be met by you. In addition, the nomenclature is the key stone for any restrictions or licenses and determines the level of customs duty and excise.

Customs Square offers various services to help you prevent problems with classification.

Basic classification and comprehensive classification by Customs Square

Our basic classification service is intended to supplement or support your ERP package. The basic classification applies to a limited product range, with a minimum of 1000 items.

In the event of extended classification, Customs Square provides you with a full description of the goods, supported with clear references in line with industry standards. You will receive a complete overview of the classification rules, with additional notes on relevant case law.

Binding Tariff Information: 3 years’ legal certainty

Would you like to benefit from 3 years’ legal certainty regarding the tariff classification for your goods? Well you can, with Binding Tariff Information decisions issued under EU customs law. Binding Tariff Information decisions or BTIs are binding for all EU customs authorities and provide you, as the holder, with 3 years’ legal certainty regarding classification.

A BTI only applies to the goods stated on it, and your application has to contain a detailed description, including all the details needed to determine the correct tariff classification. Customs Square gives you professional and strategic assistance to help you obtain this legal certainty.

Autonomous Tariff Suspension

You can also call on us to request tariff suspensions or to monitor suspensions. Are you facing a third-party suspension request? We look into the options for contesting it and take the necessary steps in consultation with you.

Do you have any questions regarding the allocation of goods codes or the classification of goods? Customs Square gives you expert advice.