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The place and method of manufacture determines the origin of goods. So you’d expect determining the origin to be a fairly simple thing to do. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Finished goods consist of parts that were all manufactured in different countries. Suddenly a simple cupboard becomes a complex product in terms of determination of origin and the raw material, with a semi-finished product being more for the production process of a chemical product, while a cupboard is just screws, shelves and doors.

Preferential or non-preferential origin?

Customs Square will check for you whether your products satisfy the rules of origin with a view to achieving as large a saving on import duties as possible. The total value of the materials used from third countries must not amount to more than 40% of your product’s manufacturing cost to be eligible for the preferential origin label.

In many cases, this involves complicated calculations. You’ll need in-depth knowledge of this complex matter to achieve a satisfactory result. Customs Square assists you in preparing your application and thus providing you with legal certainty and faster passage through customs procedures.

Binding Origin Information: 3 years’ legal certainty

Binding Origin Information decisions or BOIs offer you certainty regarding the origin of products you are importing or exporting. Binding Origin Information decisions or BOIs are binding for all EU customs authorities and give you 3 years’ legal certainty regarding the origin.

Customs Square helps you to put your application together, providing you with greater legal certainty and quicker handling of customs processes. Obtaining a BOI can be an excellent cost-saving measure!

Do you want to make substantial savings on your import duties? The customs experts of Customs Square would be delighted to discuss the best solutions with you.

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