Value and Transfer Pricing

Risk management and understanding the complex subject of transfer pricing and customs value

Avoid additional charges and risks related to transfer pricing or the determination of customs value. Customs Square gives you insight into this extremely complex regulation and helps you to apply and calculate customs value correctly.

Determining customs value correctly with Customs Square

There are several ways to determine correctly the customs value of your goods and products. If customs value is not applied correctly, you may end up with additional charges. Therefore it is essential to apply the methods listed below.

Customs Square ensures you have the correct value using:

  • The primary method for the transaction value of imported goods
  • The transaction value of identical goods
  • The transaction value of similar goods
  • The deductive value method
  • The computed value method
  • The fall-back method

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Transfer pricing experts for guaranteed risk management

Transfer pricing is a complicated but extremely important matter in the area of taxation. Consequently, transfer pricing must comply with a number of regulations, including those of the ‘arm’s-length principle’. You can incur material risks if this is misinterpreted or applied incorrectly.

Customs Square quantifies the potential risks and maps them out for you. We also ensure the transfer pricing will be interpreted and applied correctly and determine the correct strategy in consultation with you.

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