Bring our expertise in-house with Customs Square’s customs and excise training

  • Do you have sufficient in-house knowledge to prevent problems with customs and excise files?
  • Do your employees know what they need to take into account?
  • Are your colleagues sufficiently aware of the risks, procedures and possibilities relating to excise legislation?

With tailored customs and excise training from Customs Square, you’ll be able to answer all these questions with a resounding “yes”!

Strengthen your in-house expertise with customs and excise training

Customs and excise legislation is a complex subject. That’s why you need Customs Square’s expertise. But make sure you also have the relevant knowledge needed for your company. Customs Square offers tailored training courses, either individually or in groups. Every training course focuses on the specific skills and domains that are relevant to your business.

The advantages of customs and excise training include:

  • A fully practical approach, based on theoretical principles
  • Increased insight into goods streams and the complex information surrounding this subject
  • Cost savings, by avoiding errors and other risks
  • Anticipation of AEO certification

Increasing knowledge of the applicable customs and excise legislation and procedures is a valuable investment that will strengthen your market position.

Knowledge is power!

Contact Customs Square today to discuss the options for customs and excise training tailored to your business.


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