Customs Square brings clarity to excise duty

Do your activities involve the import or export of special products such as tobacco, alcohol, mineral oils or other energy products? Then you need to know about excise duty.

Customs Square provides you professional assistance and clarifies what you need to pay attention to when your business deals in excise goods, like for example:

  • How do the licenses and procedures work?
  • Can you get an exemption?
  • What excise rate do you need to take into account?

We give you a clear answer to any question regarding this topic!

Experience with every excise product

Our experienced team of specialists has a broad experience with every form of excise duties and all of the products it applies to. We can advise you on both Belgian and EU excise goods.

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Specific experience with mineral oils

Customs Square has specific experience with excise duties on mineral oils.

We assist you with full knowledge of the facts to manage and deal with your excise duty formalities. In doing so, we will consider the options for simplifying/automating your processes, keep you up-to-date regarding administrative requirements and protect you against sanctions due to the incorrect application of excise regulations.

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